Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I sing you to me....

I finally got a bunch of pieces back from school today.  As you can see, there was heavy running glaze.  Again.  The first three pieces are Roo Blue under Pink Rutile.  The second two are temmoku under Pink Rutile.  They ran the worst.  That poor kiln shelf didn't have a chance. The speckled pieces are what happens with clear glaze on class clay.  The clear definitely stayed true. 

I've been playing around with stamping and am enjoying stamping the foot rim of the bowl. It's a fun little surprise on the bottom of a bowl.  I think it's perfect for customizing, too.

"I sing you to me"  and "cheeky bowl" (This is paraphrasing.  The line is actually "cheeky Bulls") are from one of my favorite movies, 'Australia'.  I have more stamped things in production.  (Meaning, sitting on my shelf at school waiting to be glazed and fired.)  I have soooo many ideas but not the swiftness I would like, to produce them.  One day when I have my own studio.....  Until then, you get to come with me through all the mistakes.   Haha.

Overall, I like everything but the temmoku, glaze-wise.  I'm epecially pleased with the speckled look of the clear glaze.  I'm so torn about whether or not to take this class again.  If I lower my expectations and only figure 2 to 3 firings per semester, maybe I could deal with it.  Stay tuned....

Oh, I just purchased laser decal paper.  There are some really beautiful images I want to try and transform onto my bowls.  Let's see if it's as easy as the instructions sound. 

Please forgive the casual-ness of my blogging.  I blog from bed and use my iPhone to take the pics.  

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