Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bad Teacher...

I had such high hopes this semester. I had taken ceramics this summer and was able to really get in a lot of raku experience. Little did I know that it was because there was another student who was equally eager to raku. So, we raku-ed all summer. Yes, it was hot as hell but we loved every sweaty moment of it. Based on that, I signed up for this class again. Big mistake.

Without my classmate (she couldn't return-too much of a heavy academic load) I was left without a partner. No raku for me. In addition to that big disappointment, the "teacher" made no glazes. We had to scrape the bottom of the buckets for what little was leftover from the summer. I offered to do so only to find that there weren't enough ingredients to make any of the recipes I had found. "Teacher" could never remember to bring the recipes he claimed to have that could be made.

In addition to that, all of the firings (3 so far) were done incorrectly and everyones pieces were ruined. This is a carryover from the summer fiasco that was blamed on weather. Thanks "teach". We even ran out of clay once this semester. I won't even get into his attitude and the fact that he actually taught nothing. Not one thing. I honestly think he is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

I won't be taking his class ever again! Tulane grad????? It doesn't show.

Anyhoo, these pics are of one of the ruined pieces. There's lots of pitting and bubbling which makes this bowl nonfunctional as anything but a tchotchke.

I'm back at Hands In Clay and loving it. I'm working with porcelain again and have some new things I can't wait to finish and post.

See ya soon!

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